• Founded in January 2015 after a decade of experience within BlueCrest Capital Management

  • Innovative firm focused on a quantitative and systematic approach to investing

  • Investment philosophy based upon a disciplined research process, technological innovation and operational excellence

  • Manages assets for a diverse investor base across the globe.

  • Global presence with offices in Jersey, London, Geneva, New York and Singapore

Investment Strategies


A global systematic trend following strategy that trades in excess of 200 liquid markets covering asset classes including equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, energy, metals and agricultural commodities.

Systematic Equity Market Neutral Strategy

A global systematic equity market neutral strategy that draws upon a wide variety of fundamental and technical inputs, as well as other sources. The portfolio construction process incorporates a sophisticated in-house risk model which seeks to maintain market neutrality at the regional level, as well as limiting exposures to other factors such as size or liquidity.