Managing assets for a diverse investor base across the globe.

Systematica has a number of diverse strategies and an impressive list of institutional clients, Systematica has become a household name in quantitative investing.

  • “I don’t know if we are the best at what we do, but we certainly work hard every day aiming to be just that”
    Leda Braga, CEO, Systematica Investments
  • "One of the world's fastest growing hedge funds"
    Financial Times, 24 November 2016
  • "Spin-out has broad ambitions"
    Hedge Fund Journal, 5 March 2015
Our Culture Defines Us

The pursuit of excellence permeates all of Systematica’s activities.

  • Alpha Strategies

  • Scalable Alternatives

  • Multi-Strategy


These strategies monetise the power of combining several alpha themes, either under the guidance of the Systematica investment team – as in the Synergy fund – or following client preferences through customised mandates – managed accounts or funds-of-one.

Alpha Strategies

Systematica’s alpha strategies tend to focus on niche and/or capacity constrained strategies and markets that require specialised expertise.

Scalable Alternatives

These are Systematica’s articulation of established alternative investment themes – so much so that these are occasionally designated “risk premia” – and traded in the very liquid end of the spectrum of traded markets. They are therefore scalable strategies and attract a management fee only.