About Us

A team that lives its core values every day

Our MissionTo employ science and technology to achieve a superior and sustainable approach to investment management.
Firm Overview

Systematica Investments launched in January 2015 after a decade of experience managing investor capital and a track record dating back to 2004.

Systematica is an innovative technology-driven firm focused on a quantitative and systematic approach to investing. The firm was founded by Leda Braga and has an investment philosophy based upon a disciplined research process, technological innovation and operational excellence. Systematica Investments has a global presence with offices in Jersey, Geneva, London, New York Singapore and Shanghai.

Our Values

Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Integrity, Fun

  • Excellence

    The pursuit of excellence permeates all of Systematica’s activities. In Leda’s words, “I don’t know if we are the best at what we do, but we certainly work hard every day aiming to be just that.”

    The team has amassed an impressive list of industry awards over the years – including over fifteen awards and around forty nominations since 2015.

  • Innovation

    Technology is making firm in-roads into the world of investment management and Systematica has been at the leading edge of that wave for over a decade now. New, exotic data sources, the ability to trade markets that in the past had been inaccessible, electronic trading… These are all trends that benefit firms with a tradition of innovation.

    Systematica profits from years of investment in technology and proprietary trading platforms. We are passionate about devising solutions and technology is the key driver of our constant search for more creative approaches to delivering returns and managing risk.

  • Teamwork

    One Team, One Dream mentality! Our platform enables us to be agile, flexible and robust and our people are at the heart of this. We are a group of high calibre professionals looking to pursue our Core Mission. Collaborative working environment within and across all functional teams. Rigorous review by peers throughout the research and development cycle.

  • Integrity

    Intensely aware that we are responsible for clients’ assets, the Systematica Team lives and breathes integrity. Integrity is natural in an environment which is transparent and fair.

  • Fun

    … and we have fun along the way! The Systematica team is characterised by its collective sense of humour. This sense of humour is part of our serious day-to-day work life but also shows in other team activities such as the Systematica band or the sport and fitness initiative across the firm – “Systemaction”.

OUR INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY Analysis, not emotions! What gets measured gets managed. We aim to be systematic investors and avoid intervening with the algorithms - our interaction with the models is via the research process.

Significant investment in technology – our trading platform is in its third generation. All aspects of the investment process and platform are subject to continuous research and improvement.

Management Team

A vibrant and energetic Management Team typically sitting in open plan offices and working collaboratively with the broader team.

  • Leda Braga

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Rouse

    Chief Financial Officer
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Matthias Hagmann

    Co-Chief Investment Officer

  • Jean-Pierre Selvatico

    Co-Chief Investment Officer

  • Ben Dixon

    General Counsel
    Chief Compliance Officer

  • Ben Maxmin

    Head of Sales and Investor Relations

Investment Team

The Investment Team is organised functionally across three lines; Research, Technology and Trading with the Product Management team providing strategic oversight, coordination and development direction.